What Is BHS Therapy?


BHS [BODY HEALING SYSTEM]. A pain free alternative treatment that promotes a healthy balance.
There is no needles, no drugs, no pain, no unsightly cupping marks or redness after treatment 

A micro-electric current (BHS Bio Current) penetrates your body to eliminate unhealthy charges. We use herb based cream and oil to cleanse and help you to gain good health.

Prolong use of BHS Bio Current is gentle with Anti-Aging long term effects. DDS Bio Therapy improves your blood circulation, adjust Acid-Alkaline Balance in your body naturally so you can stay healthy and young.

Bio-electric therapy is a combination based on ancient Chinese Medicinal Principle, modern Western Reflexology, Bio-Electricity Technology. This combination emerged from our patented BHS Machine (CE Certified) transmitting out through the body and generates a low electric current which penetrates into the body to regulate the Meridian back to health so that the BHS Bio-Electric Energy could revive the weak Meridian. This generates good blood circulation, improves your immune system, as a result, healing takes place and thereafter you regain good health.


Who is it for?

Are you satisfied with your current health condition?

Do you usually have restless and sleepless nights that  affect your daily routine?

Do you feel extreme body tension, increase in stress level, or are you always tired and fatigue?

Are you over weight or under weight ?

Do you have neck and back pain and constantly desire for a massage?

Do you have big beer belly for many years and still could not find an easy way to get rid of it naturally?

If you do have any one of the above symptoms, you must come and experience this magical BHS Bio-electric Therapy